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This has all to do with page flushing, writing to log, indexes and various other things in SQL Server. There's an technet article on how you can optimize BULK INSERTS, this sheds some light on how BULK is faster. But I cant link more than twice, so you'll have to google for "Optimizing Bulk Import Performance". There are many factors that affect SQL Server data load performance. Here, I will explain about improving SQL Server Bulk Data Import Performance. Having understood the syntax of BULK INSERT, now it's time to test it in practice. First, we need a large set of sample data in a file format that can be used to insert the data into SQL Server. Tips to Improve Bulk Insert Task Performance. 1. It is advised not to perform any sort operation while loading the data from text files using the Bulk Insert Task. 2. Data will be loaded faster when there are no indexes created on the staging table. 3. If the text files are available on the same server as the SQL Server. Scenario 3: How to increase performance in multiple bulk inserts into one destination table? The main purpose of the locking mechanism in SQL Server is to protect and ensure the integrity of data. In the Main concept of SQL Server locking article, you can find details about lock mechanism. Now, we will focus on bulk insert process locking.

This post provides new information about the preconditions for minimally logged bulk load when using INSERT.SELECT into indexed tables. The internal facility that enables these cases is called FastLoadContext. It can be activated from SQL Server 2008 to. Tips For Lightning-Fast Insert Performance On SQL Server How to achieve lightning-fast insert performance on SQL Server: 1. Increase ADO.NET BatchSize to eliminate unnecessary network roundtrips, e.g. SqlDataAdapter.UpdateBatchSize when working with DataAdapters, or SqlBulkCopy.BatchSize when applying SqlBulkCopy. 2. Limit the number of indices on the target table. You should do this to make sure you haven't removed an index which SQL Server was using to speed up the INSERT. If this still isn't fast enough then you should consider grouping up inserts an using BULK INSERT instead or something like the bcp utility or SqlBulkCopy, both of which use BULK INSERT under the covers. This will give the highest. However, when bulk loading into delta rowgroup, an X lock is acquired at rowgroup but SQL Server still locks the locks PAGE/EXTENT because X rowgroup lock is not part of locking hierarchy. As of SQL Server 2016, no longer need to enable trace flag 610 for minimal logging into indexed table. Hello, I am wondering is the Transaction Log logged differently between BULK INSERT vs INSERT? Performance speaking, which operations is generally faster given the same amout of data inserted. Sincerely, -Lawrence · BULK INSERT can be a minimally logged operation depending on various parameters like indexes, constraints on the tables.

SQL Server BULK INSERT Articles Importing data from text file to specific columns using BULK INSERT December 03rd, 2013: By Dinesh Asanka.

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